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Abstract Art:

My Kid Could Paint That

Yeah, we’ve all heard this one. Modern artists just love it...not!

As a matter of fact, I’ve admit that I've had the passing thought…except as an artist I realize that no, my kid probably doesn’t have the depth of knowledge of color, tone, intensity, scale, acrylic mediums, canvases, etc. Those combined skills and knowledge bases are what makes an artist an artist.

Keep in mind that at first glance an artwork may not look particularly complicated, but that, of course, doesn’t mean it hasn’t had a lot of time, work and thoughtfulness involved to complete. Maybe not (a big black circle on white canvas makes me wonder), but most are – professional art – has layers of prep, paint, glaze, varnish done in a way that was planned--even if the final results doesn't always resemble the original idea.

This one has prep, texture, layers of glazes and final finishes. Although simply red, brown, white (on first glance) it's really a variance of reds, browns and whites. Each was layered with thought and a final idea to the finish.

Embers, Abstract Art Gallery

Next time you think "$3,000? My kid could paint that for free" realize that
maybe your kid could...and maybe not. If you think so, get to the art store pronto!

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I love to paint abstracts using a variety of mediums,
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